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At J P Financial Planning we believe that when someone has the motivation and information, great things can be achieved and partnering with a trusted adviser is an excellent way to achieve your best outcomes.

James Petterson is the principal of J P Financial Planning and is acutely aware that personal financial planning is important, however, is often overlooked when juggling family, lifestyle and work interests. Seeking to provide an objective and professional approach ensures that each clients’ planning is given the required consideration to achieve their goals.

We have all seen how inadequate planning can have long standing effects on ordinary Australians abilities to meet their goals and aspirations. James says that without careful consideration of the balance between short and long terms goals, the damage can become irreversible over time.

Often, we work our jobs without an emotional investment, creating a detachment from the outcome. This assists in making pragmatic, educated decisions for the benefit of outcomes at the workplace.

The old adage “plan your work and work your plan”, however simple, does well in the workplace environment, but is rarely seen in our personal lives. And who can blame us? Wouldn’t we rather enjoy our home life away from any possible connections that work has with play? This reduces our ability for objective decision making at home and results in the higher use of our emotions to help plan our personal lives.

Utilising a trusted adviser can bridge this gap, allowing for strategic decision making and safeguarding your goals through the expertise of J P Financial Planning.

Our culture encourages us to be focused on the now, a result of fast information and marketing that urges us to believe that impulsive decisions are the most satisfying. Quick emotional financial decisions, without an appreciation of how those decisions can impact our future, reduces our ability to set goals and strive towards them.

There are a great number of risks that can be avoided through the use of a comprehensive financial plan. This prevents us worrying about factors out of our control whilst focusing on those within our control.

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