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James Petterson is the principal of JP Financial Planning and believes that when someone has the motivation and information great things can be achieved. Partnering with a trusted source is an excellent way to achieve the best outcomes and he is driven to help people succeed.

James is very aware that personal financial planning may be important however often overlooked when juggling family, lifestyle and work interests. He seeks to provide an objective and professional approach ensuring that his client's financial plans don’t get forgotten along the way.

As a teenager I had seen how inadequate planning can have long standing effects on ordinary Australians. It became apparent that without careful consideration there are a great number of risks that can be avoided with the use of a comprehensive financial plan. So I decided quite early to focus on providing the simple but missing piece in people’s lives, I felt it could be my contribution to those around me in order to improve their lives.

I have seen people every day making quick emotional financial decisions without an appreciation of how those decisions can impact their future, or, worrying about factors out of their control whilst ignoring those that are able to be controlled. Our culture encourages as to be focused on the now, this is as result of fast information and marketing that urges us to believe that impulsive decisions are the most satisfying. This may or may not be true however it does reduce our ability to make plans and then work towards them.

The simple adage “plan your work and work your plan” had been told to me constantly however this simple notion may be second nature in our work lives it is often avoided at home. And who can blame us when all we want to do is enjoy our home life and reduce all possible connections that work has with play. This reduces our ability to make objective decision making at home as we prefer to use our emotions to help plan our personal lives.

At JP Financial Planning we have the time, knowledge and interest in helping you tailor a positive tomorrow, together.

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