Our relationship money is something we are able to adjust. Yes it can be stressful at times however with a few basic principles we can stay in control and spend time on what actually makes us happy.

1. Break up your stressful relationship with money by always having a buffer. Words like liquidity are common place in businesses so let’s apply the needing of liquidity into our personal lives by always having cash on hand.

2. Map out our stable expenses. Most of our expenses in life are very consistent whether it be rent, a mortgage repayment, petrol or groceries. Find a way that is simple yet effective to manage your money and always allow for that bit of fun.

3. Be confident that the numbers are moving in the right direction. Whilst we are accumulating wealth do we actually know that it’s working? A regular financial health check can support this and may need some help.

4. Protect yourself from the unexpected. Insurance is expensive so let’s make certain we know what our premiums are funding. Our protection needs and the insurance industry are always changing so get advice as to what is best for you right now.

Creating an regular consistent financial picture for you will give you confidence in your future. Knowing that you are being supported by a professional team will leave you free to focus on what is most important to you today whilst not worrying about tomorrow.